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How to distinguish weft knitting and warp knitting?

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            How to distinguish weft knitting and warp knitting?Knitting is a coil linked to each other, according to the weaving method can be divided into two categories of weed weaving and meridian weaving. The weaving of the weeds is woven by the large round machine by the set circle, the circle, etc. , and the weaving by the cross-machine.
Compared with the weaving of the woven materials, the general extension is relatively small. Most latitude braids have significant elongation lateral. The extension of the braided material is related to the number of combs and the organization. Some of the woven fabrics are extended both horizontally and vertically, but some fabrics have good dimensional stability.
Weed knitwear, such as the usual fabrics such as sportswear, underwear, socks and hand-woven sweaters, are woven horizontally into coils. And the choreography is that all the needles are padded into a circle at the same time.
          The simplest and most intuitive way to distinguish is to observe, the front and back lines are consistent is the latitude, vertical is the compilation. In general, we are divided into flat, ribbed and double-sided. Compiled by the flat, chain, satin and velvet. And the compilation can not be separated, the latitude can be separated in parallel.
          The simplest method is: the coil is unopened, the coil of the parallel is able to pull apart. As long as you pull a coil to know whether it is compiled or weeded. You just look at the hand to pull the horizontal (longitude) of two pieces of cloth, the compilation cloth is not moving, the compilation is obviously elastic.
The composite of multiple yarns is circled simultaneously along the vertical (in centicity) order of the cloth surface.
The parallels are made in a circle along the horizontal (latitude) order of the department with one or more yarns.
Latitude knitwear can be formed with at least one yarn, but in order to improve production efficiency, the general use of multiple yarn sarongs for weaving;
         The fabric cannot be formed by weaving with a yarn, and a yarn can only form a coil-shaped crucible.
All wee-weaving snares can be dislocated into threads in the opposite direction, but not by weaving.
         Weaving cannot be done by hand.